Consulting Services

Meagan asks a lot of questions in her consultation work. Often working in collaboration with an existing bookkeeper or accounting office, she may find that an initial challenge is just a symptom of something larger. There’s a variety of consulting services you can expect from M. Jackson Accounting & Bookkeeping, including:

  • Reviewing reports and projecting cash flow demands
  • Tax planning in a changing regulatory environment
  • Anticipating business shifts across the fiscal year
  • Identifying apps to streamline processes
  • Untangling accounting systems that no longer function
  • Managing multicurrency situations
  • Creating systems to accommodate sophisticated enterprise work
  • Establishing procedures for intercompany exchanges

Meagan has extensive experience advising contractors on back office procedures that can be critical for financial success. The right system for your particular industry can:

  • Track jobs and time requirements
  • Streamline billing and job costs
  • Set up “T sheets” with built-in GPS to locate personnel clocking in
  • Provide self-funding for business expenses
  • Establish controls on spending categories, such as fuel and general purchases
  • Automatically direct expense records into QuickBooks